@codesections is the @fsi affiliated with @fsfe (as their logo would suggest)?

The only initiative I've heard of before is the FOSSi Foundation, so genuinely interested 🙂



@bobstechsite @codesections @fsfe

Our logo is probably more similar to the one of the fsf than to the one of the fsfe.

We are not affiliated with any entity, but we are certainly aligned with both fsf and fsfe and we had personal discussions with both.

We know fossi as well.

@fsi @codesections @fsfe The FSF handle on Mastodon is just a mirror to an RSS feed. I figured a human from FSFE might be more likely to see my toot 👍

Thank you for the clarification. It would be sensible to make this clear on your website, as the logo could be construed as misleading.

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